Rachip – Software & Hardware Professionals

Rachip is an engineering company, provides SW & HW development services.

We have experts in Embedded Real Time systems, FPGA/ASIC development, QA and Automation as well as Web/Mobile apps.

The company acts as one-stop-shop for industries like: Semiconductors, Medical, Automotive, Communication systems, iOT and more We work closely with multinational companies as well as startups, Provide our varied customers highly skilled, local labor with flexibility on project scope & budget.

Rachip employs more than 100 ultra-orthodox (Haredi) women engineers, in 2 R&D centers in Bnei-Brak and Haifa. 

Some of our projects


Tailored solutions to suit specific client needs

Highly experienced project managers

Competitive rates & flexibility on project scope & budget

Local, loyal, long-term professionals with little staff turnover

Fast response & short delivery times

Fortune 500 customers as well as startups

Rachip for HR

Rachip provides expert personnel in flexible working models such as:

On-Site • Off-Site • Monthly Retainer • Turn-Key Projects • Etc.
The Rachip team is based on a carefully selected and meticulously trained group of women engineers from the Ultra-Orthodox (HAREDI) community, led by a group of highly experienced project managers.

Contact information

111 Kahaneman Street, Bnei-Braq, Israel