Rachip – Software & Hardware Professionals

Rachip is an engineering company that provides SW & HW development services.

The company has vast experience in Embedded Real Time systems, FPGA/ASIC development, QA and Automation as well as Web/Mobile apps. Rachip acts as a one-stop-shop for industries such as Semiconductors, Medical, Fintech, Automotive, Communication Systems, IoT and more.

It works closely with multinational companies as well as startups, providing its varied customers with highly skilled local labor, Enabling them with project scope & budget flexibility.

Rachip employs more than 100 ultra-orthodox (Haredi) women engineers, in 2 R&D centers in Bnei-Brak and Haifa. 

Sandy Saper

Sandy Saper

ASIC & FPGA Design Manager
Chavi Salomon

Chavi Salomon

Finance Manager
Tal Konforty

Tal Konforty

HR & Operations Manager
Lital Shimshoni

Lital Shimshoni

Head of Marketing

Some of our projects


Tailored solutions to suit specific client needs

Highly experienced project managers

Competitive rates & flexibility on project scope & budget

Local, loyal, long-term professionals with little staff turnover

Fast response & short delivery times

Fortune 500 customers as well as startups

Rachip for HR

Rachip provides expert personnel in flexible working models such as:

On-Site • Off-Site • Monthly Retainer • Turn-Key Projects • Etc.
The Rachip team is based on a carefully selected and meticulously trained group of women engineers from the Ultra-Orthodox (HAREDI) community, led by a group of highly experienced project managers.

Contact information

111 Kahaneman Street, Bnei-Braq, Israel