We provide HR departments a verity of services including headhunting sourcing and outsourcing for hi-tech positions in private companies, public sector organizations, start-ups, biotech etc.
Rachip provides expert personnel in flexible working models such as:
On-Site • Off-Site • Monthly Retainer • Turn-Key Projects, etc.

Personnel Diversity
Rachip is a leader in employment of a carefully selected and meticulously trained group of women engineers from the Ultra-Orthodox (HAREDI) community, led by a group of highly experienced project managers.

Low Turnover
Optimal working conditions and promotion opportunities keep our workforce turnover levels extremely low, guaranteeing our clients a consistent level of professional service.

“מה שארגון חילוני יכול ללמוד מארגון חרדי”

אטי דה לאון, סמנכ”לית משאבי אנוש בחברת רייצ’יפ המעסיקה רק נשים חרדיות, מספרת למה כל כך טוב לנהל חברה קצת שונה.

קרא עוד…

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