Post Silicon Validation

At Rachip, our engineers leverage advanced technical expertise in the field of silicon realization to deliver the full spectrum of post-silicon functional validation services.

Our engineers have hands-on experience in building modular, scalable, and reusable verification environments using well-defined methodologies and stringent process checklists.

The Rachip team carries out WIFI System Validation (SV) and Electrical Validation (EV) using advanced testing methodologies and high-end lab equipment. Our cost-optimized operating model minimizes the cost of silicon validation while achieving maximum functional coverage, optimizing the overall regression and execution time, and validating compliance to specifications, performance, and interoperability requirements.

Our Services

  • Test case automation and regression
  • Power validation of silicon under varying low-power states
  • Power validation of subsystems under varying workload
  • Power characterization of blocks, interfaces & voltage domains
  • Electrical validation across PVT conditions and wafer lots
  • Custom test cases & standard benchmark
  • Subsystem level functional validation
  • Performance analysis and validation
  • Debugging SOC issues
  • Develop test cases for regression testing and stress testing
  • Algorithmic stimulus generation & response checking
  • Real-time, at-speed multi-protocol subsystem and system-level test

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