We, at Wisair, had the pleasure to cooperate with RACHIP, on our latest chip’s verification effort.

I’m intentionally using the word “cooperate”, since this is one of the key pieces making the entire project’s jigsaw puzzle come together.

The RACHIP team does what is needed to contribute to your success, including – education of new methods, your own methodology and of course relevant technical  knowledge.

With RACHIP we got what was promised – both on personnel experience level, specific strength, and most importantly – communicated weaknesses.

Any time someone tells me reliably – “this is something we don’t know YET, but will reduce the gap as needed” – is 1000x better then – “Oh yes, I know it ALL”.

To sum it all up – if I had to decide again today – I would have made the same decision and cooperate with RACHIP.

Dror Har-Chen

Director of VLSI and Program Management



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